Obodo: Barter, Buy and Sell!

Mission: To revolutionize commerce by providing a platform where users can easily barter and exchange goods using AI-driven matching technology, promoting a greener and more sustainable future.

Unique Value Proposition: Obodo empowers individuals to exchange goods and services efficiently, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Its smart

matching algorithm, driven by AI, ensures mutually beneficial exchanges, making it the world’s first platform of its kind.

Services: AI-Driven Bartering Platform Eco-Friendly Goods and Services Exchange Reduction of Carbon Footprint Key Achievements:

Nominated and shortlisted for the “E-Commerce Company of the Year” 2023 award at the Arabian Business Awards at the Future of The Museum Dubai against Noon & Tradeling. Recognition by Entrepreneur.com and participation in prestigious events like Entrepreneur Tech Innovation 2022 Awards and nominated and shortlisted for “Best Innovative Tech Solution of The Year”. Successful partnerships and annual contracts with Dubai Holding and TECOM.

Innovation & Technology: Obodo leverages cutting-edge AI technology to match users’ barter preferences, creating a faster and more efficient way of exchanging goods and services. The platform is committed to ongoing research and development for future innovations.

Clientele: Obodo has garnered a diverse user base globally, fostering a community of conscious consumers embracing sustainable living through bartering.

Partnerships: Dubai Holding TECOM Future Vision: Obodo aims to expand its user base globally, increase the variety of items available for barter, and continue developing innovative features that enhance the bartering experience while promoting a greener future.