Add your business listing or claim an existing listing

Go to the “Add Listing” page to submit your business. Fill out relevant details like address, phone number, website, social media handles, and category; upload photos and videos of your service to attract prospective buyers.

Spruce up your business listing by adding relevant FAQs for your customers to get the best information when they search for you.

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Boost Discoverability

Once you submit your listing, we will go through your submissions to filter out spam entries from legitimate businesses. If approved, your listing will start appearing throughout the platform. With a free listing, you can share basic information about your store with prospective buyers.

Explore our paid plans and get premium slots in your category. Your listing will be on top of the list for customers to see. Get ahead of the crowd by standing out.

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Get Customers

5 out of 10 prospective buyers will consider buying from a business if it has more than a 4-star rating. Gather reviews from current customers and maintain a positive online reputation on your listing.

Place attractive discounts and deals on your website to convert prospects. Share exclusive offers with customers that come through your business listing to improve the chances of conversion.