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Looking for a destination filled with picturesque deserts and rich culture? Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – the birthplace of the Arabian language.

The majority of the Arabian Peninsula is covered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Bounded by the Red sea in the west and Persian Gulf in the east, this desert country is the origin homeland of Islam. Millions of pilgrims and tourists from across the globe visit Mecca and Medina yearly.

Riyadh and Jeddah are one of the largest cities in the Middle East and an important economic hub. However, if you explore further than the metropolis’ skyscraper-topped surface, you will find fascinating wonders. An intriguing view into pre-Islamic Arabia can be found from numerous geological and archaeological locations. Adventurers have a wide range of options, including hiking in the mountains, scuba diving, and driving a dune buggy in beautiful settings. This country of distinctive but enigmatic terrain begs to be discovered.

Apart from adoring the geological wonders in the country, KSA has much more to offer. From a variety of tempting food to hoards of shopping malls, one can spend countless hours browsing through local shops. Coffee has traditionally played a significant role in Middle Eastern culture, particularly Saudi Arabian culture. It is a customary companion during meetings, weddings, and many other social occasions. Western coffee shops are developing into social hubs, and one can find numerous cafes and baristas propping up in the country.

Not sure where to go when visiting the KSA? mymidlist the leading Yellow Pages in Saudi Arabia curates the choicest stores and businesses spread across Saudi Arabia. We take utmost care in reviewing the business listing and allow only genuine and authentic businesses on the platform. As a customer, you can check their listings, find basic information, interact, and engage with these stores before you visit them offline.

Most Happening Cities in Saudi Arabia

Explore the most happening places in the top cities of the Saudi Arabia. Whether it’s a night out with friends, or you’re finding a salon near you, find the best local businesses in town on the MyMidlist the leading Yellow Pages in Saudi Arabia.

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Al Khobar

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Why is mymidlist one of the best business directories in the Middle East?

mymidlist is one of the fastest growing free business directories in the middle east. Businesses can create free business listings and boost their online visibility.

Why is mymidlist one of the best business directories in the Middle East?

mymidlist is one of the fastest growing free business directories in the middle east. Businesses can create free business listings and boost their online visibility.

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mymidlist is a leading middle eastern B2B business directory. Businesses can list or claim their listing on our platform.

mymidlist is a database of trusted and authenticated information of local businesses in the middle east. We provide useful information to customers to help with their online research and find the right products/services.

We are currently accepting listings for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan, and Egypt.

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To claim your listing, go to the listing and click on the “Own or work here? Claim Now!” option in the left-hand panel. Submit your request through the form, and we will get in touch with you shortly.

We do not add any business information. You or someone from your team might have submitted the listing. Please login through the registered email ID and update the business information.

If the business is not claimed, please claim it so you can update the information.

We at mymidlist want to offer the best information for customers. As a business these are the best practices to improve your listing:

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There is no shortcut to getting more reviews on your listing. The best way to increase the number of reviews on your listing is to urge existing customers to drop reviews. You can offer them discounts and exclusive deals for their time and effort.

The only way to remove a bad review from your listing is to get in touch with the customer who dropped the review. They can log in through their registered email ID and delete the review.

You can respond to your customer’s reviews from your dashboard.

We take up to 2 weeks to go through your submissions and conduct our checks. If you have already submitted your listing, then it should get approved in a short time. If your submission includes spam practices (links in the description, etc), your business listing may not get approved.

We employ stringent measures to verify a business so that the customers get only the best information. If you have submitted for a free listing, our process will take up to 2 weeks to approve your listing. Cross-check all the information you have shared with us to ensure a smooth process.

If you want speedy approval for your business, explore our paid plans.