Middle East Hospital Claimed

Hospital in Manama, Bahrain

Middle East Hospital is the best hospital in Manama, Bahrain. Middle East Hospital has doctors working in various specialties to meet the needs of patients. They want to make you comfortable in any way they can, Also, They provide 24-hour services through their emergency department and inpatient services, while outpatient clinics operate six days a week – operating theaters serve both emergency and non-emergency patients 24 hours a day. Middle East Hospital provides reliable healthcare for life. The hospital is an 85-bed acute public facility that addresses the major health problems faced by the people of Bahrain and the Gulf. Its unit has 85 beds with separate sections for men and women, as well as two triage beds and consultation rooms for physicians. The department is prepared to handle all types of accidents and emergency medical and surgical situations including acute surgical conditions, acute medical conditions, trauma cases and pediatric emergencies. There is a dedicated department to handle urgent obstetric-gynecology emergencies where patients are immediately transferred to the obstetrics department for initial evaluation.