KIMSHEALTH Medical Center Muharraq Claimed

Medical center in Muharraq, Bahrain

KIMSHEALTH Medical Center Muharraq is a medical center in Bahrain, Established in 2019. KIMSHEALTH Bahrain Medical Center (KBMC) is the first private enterprise in Bahrain and started operations in 2004. KBMC has two facilities in Bahrain at Umm al-Hassam and a recently opened Muharraq. KBMC has gained instant popularity due to availability, affordability, and quality of service, as well as a multi-specialty outpatient center with diagnostic facilities and a pharmacy. They provide quality medical care with high-quality facilities and equipment through a professional team of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and administrators. Their center is also equipped with a modern hospital information system that allows operations to be almost paperless. Their team consists of friendly and well-trained multilingual staff who are always ready to welcome you. Their Specialty department includes, ‘ Cardiology, Pediatric, general surgery, and more.