Juma Al Majid Holding Group Claimed

To gain recognition as a leading business group in the UAE, our professionals have worked tirelessly to pursue excellence in their respective fields. We have broken down barriers of geography and created an unrefutable and reliable relationship with our clients. Whether you are a small enterprise or a giant conglomerate at Juma Al Majid, you can be assured of the same levels of dedication and commitment from us.


Q What industries does Juma Al Majid Group operate in?

Juma Al Majid Group operates in a diverse range of industries including automotive, real estate, construction, shipping, retail, financial investments, travel and tourism, and food imports. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to serve a wide array of clients with the highest levels of dedication and expertise.

Q How does Juma Al Majid ensure quality and reliability in its services?

At Juma Al Majid, we prioritize excellence and customer satisfaction by adhering to stringent quality standards and employing highly skilled professionals in all our sectors. We have implemented rigorous quality control processes and maintain strong, transparent relationships with our clients to ensure our services are reliable and meet the highest industry standards.

Q How has Juma Al Majid established its presence across different geographies?

Juma Al Majid has broken down barriers of geography by building strong, reliable relationships with clients across various regions. Through strategic partnerships, local market knowledge, and consistent delivery of high-quality services, we have established a reputable presence not only within the UAE but also internationally.