Gulf Consultant for Consultancy and Training Claimed

Gulf Consultant for Consultancy and Training

The Gulf Consultant for Consultancy and Training was founded in 1996 in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As a specialized consultancy institution in the fields of consulting, training, studies, and research, serving businessmen. It aims to provide quality and specialized services in economic, administrative, and international trade areas, especially in trade remedies(anti-dumping), competition, and other issues related to the World Trade Organization. The Gulf Consultant also seeks to develop human capital in both the public and private sectors by offering professional and distinguished training services in these fields, in addition to providing high-quality consultancy and logistical services to investors and entrepreneurs, starting from idea evaluation and feasibility studies to establishing companies, conducting market research, and project evaluation. All of this is done while adhering to professional and artisanal work in line with international performance standards and specifications, with a professional team supported by highly competent experts and consultants in collaboration with the best international institutions and think tanks.