Bahrain Defence Force Hospital Claimed

Hospital in Riffa, Bahrain

Bahrain Defense Force Hospital is a rich hospital in Riffa, Bahrain. – Royal Medical Services (BDF-RMS) started in 1968 as a small clinic. In 1979, BDF-RMS grew from a small operation to a 120-bed hospital. Since then they have continuously grown and expanded their services to become the second-largest hospital in Bahrain with 463 beds. While cherishing its rich history, BDF-RMS continuously aims to improve and uphold its commitment to offer the highest quality healthcare in the most efficient manner. Their vision is to be one of the leading national and regional hospitals in terms of efficiency and continuous delivery of high-quality healthcare. Their laboratory department at BDF-RMS is ISO 15189 Medical Laboratory accredited, BDF is the first and only medical laboratory in Bahrain to receive this certificate. Their Speciality includes,’ Anaesthesia and ICU, Emergency medicine, urology, ENT, OBS, internal medicine, and more.