Nizwa Hospital Claimed

Hospital in Oman

Nizwa Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Oman. It was reconstructed and inaugurated on October 30, 1998, as a reference hospital to provide secondary health care to residents of Al Dakhiliya Governorate and neighboring governorates. Patient health information is managed by an advanced electronic medical system known as Al-Shifa +3. The hospital has 305 beds, including inpatient units and various intensive care units (cardiac, internal, surgical, adult, pediatric, premature infants, and burn unit). It also includes accident and emergency departments, maternity ward, dialysis unit and maternity ward. Their Hospital services include, ‘ Administrative services, Educational and training services, ambulance services, engineering and maintenance services, etc. Also, the Department of Internal Medicine includes general internal medicine, heart diseases, digestive diseases, endoscopy, nervous system diseases, pressure, diabetes, genetic blood diseases, rheumatism, and respiratory diseases. and, the Pediatric Department includes the general pediatric clinic and clinics specialized in the treatment and follow-up of heart diseases, hereditary blood diseases, Down syndrome, and asthma, and the follow-up of newborn babies.