Jidhafs Maternity Hospital Claimed

Maternity hospital in Jidhafs, Bahrain

Jidhafs is one of the best Maternity hospitals in Bahrain. Their aim is to provide high-quality medical care to a wide range of obstetric and long-term patients, reducing the pressure on S.M.C Maternity Services and long-term wards at Muharraq. They are rural hospitals that started in 1956. Rural hospitals include 3 hospitals {Sitra, Rifa, and Western Region Maternity Hospital}. The total number of beds in rural hospitals is 30 beds. Each hospital has 10 beds. As a result, J.M.H. and B.D.F. Maternity hospitals opened in 1980 have reduced occupancy levels in rural hospitals. In 1994, eight beds from each hospital were used for long-stay children, and the rest were used for maternity patients. They provide postnatal services to all maternity patients. Also, special provision is made for all long-term children.