mymidlist is a leading online yellow pages in the middle east. If you’re a business in UAE, Qatar, Turkey, Kuwait, Oman, or Jordan, looking to amplify your business’ visibility, mymidlist is the perfect solution. We offer business listings on our online directory for free. We accept listings from 10+ categories across a wide range of industries.

How was mymidlist born?

mymidlist was started by Visal K K. Visal is a passionate online marketer and SEO expert from the port city of Kochi.

Visal has always been in awe of how Kerala expats in the middle east managed to strive in a challenging environment, and still contributed to the economy of Kerala. He wanted to build a service to honour them and make their lives easier. MA Yousuf Ali has played a monumental role in shaping his worldview. From his tenacity, business acumen to his service towards the welfare of Kerala expats in the middle east, MA Yousuf Ali has been a monumental inspiration for Visal.

Getting inspired by his role model, Visal started looking for ways to contribute to Kerala expats in the middle east. As an online marketer, he knew the importance online visibility had on getting new business for stores. That’s when mymidlist was born – a free online business directory.


How can mymidlist help you?

For businesses, mymidlist is a local search engine that will help boost their online visibility.  Local stores can make the most of the platform – from  building a trustworthy reputation to finding high-quality prospects.

For customers, mymidlist serves as a one-stop shop to browse online businesses. Customers can find local businesses and engage with them. You can also buy and sell products, or redeem deals.